Located in the Piedmont Region, Albemarle County’s seat is Charlottesville. Points of interest include but are not limited to Monticello, James Monroe’s Highland, and many wineries and cideries.

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Albemarle County Farms

History in your backyard –¬†Steeped in history, Albemarle County was home to some of the most famous founding fathers. Most notable is Thomas Jefferson and his working farm at Monticello as well as James Madison who was located down the road from him.

Rolling Hills –¬†Let the hills and mountains captivate and delight you from sunrise to sunset. ¬†The graceful slope of the mountains will hold many potential options for you and your crops. The county ranges throughout the valley of Charlottesville to the steps of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Checking off the boxes –¬†Are you looking for a pre-existing working farm or do you want to start something yourself? Available farms will range in states as well as the possibilities for the land. Endless potential paired with your vision and a little elbow grease, you can do anything.

Charlottesville’s Amenities

Albemarle County can boast scenic views and easy access to the third happiest city in the United States, Charlottesville. With its economic growth and overall activities and diversity, the city has a thriving and growing population. With a Beautiful historic downtown area, wineries & breweries to enjoy, and college events to take in, there is a lot that this area has to offer. 

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