Picture yourself winding through the beautiful country roads being out in the open with sun and lots of room. This is Orange County, it has history, beautiful countryside, friendly neighbors and a great agricultural scene.

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A History Steeped in Agriculture

Once hailed as the largest county in the nation, Orange has a long history of trade and agricultural pursuits from cattle to wine grapes. Orange County also has a thriving equestrian scene with many owners in the community. Of all the counties in Virginia, Orange comes in first for its agricultural economy especially with the growing popularity in its wine.

Viticultural Area

Orange County goes in and out of the popular Monticello Viticultural Area. In the early 2010s, there were a little over 200 acres of wine grape production, which at the time was the third highest of all counties in the state. The wine industries growth, as well as agriculture in general in the state, has been rapid over the last ten years. The future looks very bright for continued growth in the area. 

Places of Historical Significance
  • The James Madison Museum – includes a large Hall of Agriculture and Transportation
  • The Wilderness Battlefield – first-time Generals Grant and Lee faced each other in war
  • Montpelier – home to James Madison which includes the 2,700-acre plantation
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