Located in the middle of Virginia, Buckingham County was founded in 1761 and was predominantly abundant farmland. Home to many families that can trace their relatives back to the early days of colonial Virginia, Buckingham is steeped in history and prosperous farms.

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Centralized Life

Life in the middle of the state is good. Located between many other counties, Buckingham County offers many sights and sounds all close by. With history and land rich in farming and timber, the county will amaze you with what it has to offer.  

Historic Buckingham

Connecting Albemarle and Buckingham Counties is the Hatton Ferry, the last poled ferry in the United States. This is only one of the many that used to bridge the James River two centuries ago and is still going during the weekends in the summer. In addition to the Hatton Ferry, and Adams Museum, the county has restored a Church that was built right after the Civil War ended that is open to the public for educations tours on Saturdays.  

What To Do?

While many tourists may come to Buckingham for the trails and James River the county also has many parks and recreation options. The outdoors is calling your name to Buckingham County.

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