Community supported agriculture, friendly neighbors, and multiple successful farms, Loudoun County has it all. Loudoun is very farm and agriculture-friendly with various farm tours, historic properties, CSAs, and nurseries.

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Why Farm in Loudoun?

Farming in Loudoun County is a very popular pursuit. Farming events are aplenty and locals support their farmer’s markets and roadside stands in flocks due to its rich soil. You have the chance to buy vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, flowers, the list goes on directly from the source. The farm to table scene is very strong within the county leading to the freshest of eats from nearby farms be it organic and chemical free as well as the local produce not necessarily available at local stores.

Location, Location, Location!

For the northern part of the state, Loudoun County has a surprising amount of riverfront due to the beautiful and historic Potomac River. There are multiple high-tech companies in the area driving local commerce, but the backbone of the county has historically been agriculture and farming. It has a flourishing equine industry and is home to the Morven Park International Equestrian Center. This is in addition to the multiple wineries and vineyards in the area.  

Interested in Buying in the Loudoun County?

Loudoun County is at the pinnacle of farm fresh goodness, does that sound good to you? We have a vast amount of expertise available to you and a long-standing dedication to land stewardship to assist in helping you find the right farm for you. Please call us at 877-646-8800 if you are interested in buying today.

The Farms listed on this website are all over 30 acres. If you are interested in farms with less acreage please call us, 877-646-8800.