Located in the heart of Albemarle County, the City of Charlottesville has rich soil and mild climate that allows for numerous popular farms, horse-farms, vineyards, and orchards. In addition to agriculture, Charlottesville has a strong tourist industry and is the home of the University of Virginia and the famous Monticello.

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Charlottesville City Farms

Scenic Beauty

Take a look around. Several farms in the area have panoramic views of the surrounding Albemarle County. Enjoy the beauty and get a look into the inner workings of other agricultural pursuits. This would be a good chance to see what products are being sold on site or what is being sold in local stores. Some area farms may offer tours and you can get an idea of what you might want an offer with your farm.

City of Food

Foodies, families, and markets, oh my!  Fresh food, wine, cider, preserves, meat, I could go on forever. The City of Charlottesville has something for everyone available fresh and local. Memories are made daily at any number of restaurants, local farms, and festivals. If you’re interested in food trends and trying out new recipes, Charlottesville may be the right place for you!

Interested in Buying in the City of Charlottesville?

Looking for a small farm to call your home or some acreage to set up shop in the City of Charlottesville? We have a vast amount of expertise available to you and a long-standing dedication to the land and stewardship. Please call us at 877-646-8800 if you are interested in buying today!

The Farms listed on this website are all over 30 acres. If you are interested in farms with less acreage please call us, 877-646-8800.