Even though it’s a suburb of Washington D.C., Prince William County is a popular farming community with its soil steeped in history. Flowers, wine, fruits, vegetables, and more are at your fingertips in this county that encourages the preservation of land devoted to agricultural pursuits.

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Farming in Prince William County

With over half of its farms producing it, cattle are king in the county. With cattle being the number one product, it’s no surprise that there is a significant amount of farmland used for livestock feed such as hay. Other farms produce apples, grapes, and tomatoes but the most popular products include nursery and greenhouse items besides that of cattle and milk products.  This is of course besides the thriving winery scene that is enveloping much of Virginia.

Buying Local

Buying local is not anything new, but in Prince William County it’s the way to go. The county boasts of multiple farmers markets, CSAs, roadside stands, food cooperatives, and supermarkets that team up with local producers to sell their produce. There are multiple benefits to buying local much which stems from keeping local jobs and wealth within the county and community to sustaining the local agricultural community.

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