Chesterfield County is a located just directly south of Richmond, Virginia. There is potential riverfront farmland available in Chesterfield County with the James River to the north and the Appomattox River to the south.

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Local Information

Formed in 1749, and the fourth most populated county in Virginia, Chesterfield County contains 423 square miles of land and 14 square miles of water. The county is really defined by the water that surrounds it and the county includes two types of regions, the Piedmont and Tidewater. The rivers assist in leveling out the soil’s pH balancing leading to productive acreage.

Why the River?

The soil along the Appomattox and James River is Virginia’s finest – Pamunkey. This soil is well drained and has a loamy subsoil. This is the type that makes crops for both livestock and humans grow well. Away from the river in the Piedmont region, the soil is more Cecil-Applying, which are deeper and well drained and have a dominantly clayey subsoil. This is mostly used for woodland and general farming. While these are a generalization, there is good soil in the area to grow on and a good amount of it!  

Interested in Buying in Chesterfield County?

If relaxing next to the river after a hard day sounds good to you, Chesterfield County has what you need! We have a vast amount of expertise available to you and a long-standing dedication to land stewardship and look forward to assisting you in finding the right farm. Please call us at 877-646-8800 if you are interested in buying and starting your future today!

The Farms listed on this website are all over 30 acres. If you are interested in farms with less acreage please call us, 877-646-8800.