Located slightly north of the heart of Virginia, Culpeper County is home to some of Virginia’s most famous and historic plantation homes in addition to acre upon acre of farmland. The soil and landscape make it easy for many to call this thriving community home.

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Views and Farmland

Culpeper County is said to have some of the most fertile lands in the state of Virginia. This is due in large part to the great pH balance in the soil because of the basic water from the local rivers and lakes matching with the slightly acidic soil. The county produces a lot of feed corn and hay, and has at least 30,000 head of cattle. In addition to the generalized farming, wineries and distilleries cutting a swathe through the area and are increasingly popular with DC metro patrons.

Equestrian Haven

Culpeper County has a thriving equestrian community. The county holds multiple riding, show, clinics, and race events throughout the year. In addition, the county contains some of the best grazing land as well as multiple farms where you can board, train, take lessons. The county is great for trail riding and is great for all levels of riding expertise.

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