Steeped in early American history Louisa County still boasts may gorgeous homes from the 18th and 19th centuries. Louisa County also claims one of the oldest wineries on the east coast in addition to multiple rural cooperatives.

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Agricultural Community

Louisa County is largely rural and farming, while about ten percent of it is developed as residential or industrial, a little over seventy percent is forest land, about sixteen percent is farming, and the rest is water bodies. Farming is popular as the average temperature throughout the year is about fifty-six degrees.  There about 500 farms in Louisa and a majority of the sales are from livestock however there are many products that come out of Louisa as well. Some include hay, corn, wheat, and soybeans.

Close to the City

Located a short distance away, Charlottesville has many of the bigger city offerings from shopping to the theatre at the University of Virginia. Louisa also has many options for local shopping and of course the ever-popular wineries.

Fun Facts
  • Louisa County is within five hundred miles of half the United States population
  • Cattle is the most popular sold product within the county
  • The County contains a popular vacation spot, Lake Anna
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