Comprising of nine localities, the Greater Central Virginia Area contains some of the most stunning land and views in the United States. Please feel free to browse farms available in the Greater Central Virginia Area.

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Central Virginia Farms

There are many questions to consider when purchasing a farm in Central Virginia. Depending on your needs they may vary from farming regions in other places in the country.

What are you looking for?

Are you looking to own a few horses and retire on some land and solitude, or are you looking for a more robust set up with multiple fields and produce types?

Are you looking to sell on site?

Would you like to have a separate building to sell goods or at least have the ability to do so with pre-existing structures?

What general area do you want to be in?

Central Virginia comprises of vastly different cities, which means that lifestyles are different place to place. If you want to live closer to one of these cities, we can help with the different communities available.

What are my options?

We have multiple farms for your review and opportunities for you to grow your dream into fruition. Options mean that you have the right to be a little pick with finding the right home and farm for you.  

These are just a couple of the questions we’ll ask you to determine what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a few acres or a few hundred acres, our team is the right one for you! We have a variety of expertise available to you and a long-standing dedication to the land and stewardship. Please call us at 877-646-8800 if you are interested in buying today! We are here to help you find your dream farm!

The Farms listed on this website are all over 30 acres. If you are interested in farms with less acreage please call us, 877-646-8800.