With its county seat of Warrenton, Fauquier County is the fastest growing counties in the entire United States. Its land covers a little over six hundred and fifty square miles and is known for its wine and equestrian events.

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Wineries and More

Fauquier County is a popular day trip for many D.C. families and couples, as well as many that work in the city choose to live in the county. This is due in part to the slower pace of life and popular agritourism destinations. Points of interest include over twenty-seven wineries as well as a growing number of breweries. Pick your own farms and orchards are a popular attraction and there are many local operations that offer tours and other events.  

Equestrian Entertainment

Large and small equestrian events abound in Fauquier County. It’s home to multiple horse shows, polo matches, fox hunting, and multiple racing events.  In addition to the events, there are various trails for all levels of riders, from beginning to expert, there is something for everyone. Many of these trails are open to the public in numerous parks located around the county. The rolling hills and land are suitable for grazing land for all types of animals.  

Interested in Buying in the Fauquier County?

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