The northernmost county in Virginia with its county seat of Winchester, Frederick County has over four hundred square miles of beautiful land. In addition to the beauty of the land, the county contains four types of natural springs.  

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Location and More

Frederick is in the unique position of being in the most northern point of Virginia, yet the mid-point of the eastern seaboard. With its vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains, Frederick County has seen a lot of history throughout wartime back in the seventeen hundred’s to peacetime. Frederick County has a mild climate with an average temperature of a little over 52 degrees Fahrenheit as well as a mild winter and summer.  

Popular Crops and Livestock

More and more specialty crops are popping up across the country as the farm-to-table movement gains traction. The market for hardy greens, robust herbs, and mushrooms are making a comeback through the restaurants and to kitchen tables alike. With the re-emergence of these vegetables and herbs, the livestock industry is holding up their end with fresh beef, goat, and chickens that grace high-end restaurants and grocer’s table’s like.   

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